333 union street nashville timeline

Historical timeline of the 333 Union Street building in Nashville

1791 – 1796:  John Overton and Andrew Jackson share office space at 333 Union Street location. It was during this time that Andrew Jackson assisted in framing the constitution of Tennessee.

Jan. 1951:  Building Constructed at 333 Union Street by First Federal Savings & Loan Building Association of Nashville

Jan. 1979:  New roof installed on building

Jan. 1982:  Building Sold to Partnership for $2,400,000

Oct. 1983:  IBM occupies space in Main Floor Suite

May 1984:  Patricia, Spiler & Carden occupies space in Floor 2

Feb. 1985:  Building becomes known as “The Tomlin Building”

June 1988:  1st Union Nation Bank move into building

June 1993:  AmSouth Bank moves into building

Jan 2001:  Building rebrands to Franklin Nation Bank

Jan 2003:  Building rebrands 5/3 Bank Building

May 2006:  Building sells for $3,500,000

Apr. 2007:  Building sells for $3,700,000